Its Outdoor furniture season. September 08 2015

   Spring is coming ! Outdoor furniture season

That means its time to go out and enjoy the great outdoors, BBqs with friends and relaxing around the garden. What better way to enjoy spring with a new outdoor Dining set or a comfy resin wicker sofa with thick soft cushions to relax in.

At robcousens we have a fantastic range of outdoor furniture to suit all budgets, alfresco areas , decking area or garden space. We are the place for your outdoor space.

FAQs when buying outdoor furniture. ??

Resin wicker furniture- very popular at the moment.

Always ask if the resin wicker is UV stabilised, being plastic there is very low maintenance hence its popularity, just hose it off. Chlorine isn't great for the cushions so always hose them off as well and allow to dry in the air. Note that these chairs are all hand woven and not machine made so they will all vary slightly in some fashion.

What happens if it rains on my furniture ?

Its gets wet of course. Just let the setting dry in the sun with plenty of air. The worst thing you can do is put cushions away wet as they will grow mold.  So naturally dry the setting and all will be good.

Should I leave my cushions out in the weather all year round ?

You can but they wont last as long and the inside foam and Dacron will breakdown faster. Cushions are weather resistant but not weather proof so its also advisable to put your cushions away in winter or when not in use for long periods of time. This will provide you with many more years of comfort . The sun or UV is the worst thing for any outdoor furniture whether it be sling, resin wicker, Timber or plastic. Most good quality outdoor furniture is UV stabilised and produced from products that don't rust or breakdown quickly. Note that all outdoor furniture will breakdown eventually unless you protect the product and always cover or put away when not in use.

What is the frame made of. 

Frames for outdoor furniture are usually made from aluminium , steel or timber. Aluminium will not rust and is probably the best material for outdoor furniture when it comes to low maintenance. Steel is cheaper and can be powder coated to protect from rust but it will eventually will rust. Steel products are usually cheaper to make. You may find major discount hardware's or dept stores range steel products and sell at very low prices. Unless you have a magnet you wouldn't know if they are steel or aluminium. ( tip always carry a magnet when buying outdoor products) Stainless steel is another product that often confuses the public, most cheap BBQ's these days look like stainless steel but they are just chrome steel. ( They will rust) Stainless steel #304 or #316 is not susceptible to rust but it costs more for the real thing. Don't be fooled by look a likes. once again a magnet will not stick to #304 or #316 grade stainless steel.

Timber is another product that can be a problem, Merbau or Kwilla, Jarrah and Teak are all excellent timbers for outdoor but with forestry protection a lot of these timbers are harder to find or very expensive. There are a lot of FSC timbers on the market but it is very hard to find a timber product that doesn't crack or  bend in a short time. Oiling regularly is a must for all timber products to avoid issues. Remember timber is a natural product just like stone. They need lots of care.

Garuga timber is a solid out of South east Asia and is very dense. We have found this timber to be a competitive priced product and also long lasting. ( oiling is still required. )

 Mod Wood is another new product that is now used on outdoor furniture and decking. UV stabilised plastic wood  means no maintenance.

Before you leave home to shop for outdoor furniture always measure your outdoor area as space is the biggest concern of most buyers and they need to return home to check if the set they want will fit.

Work out how many you need to sit at a dining table or sofa, do you need sun lounge's , bar sets etc ?  Most likely you wont be able to to add to your outdoor area with the same design product as the ranges change every year. So think about what you will need and if your budget allows purchase everything you need at once.

Always try to buy a cover for your setting to protect them from the UV rays.

Ask a few key questions to the sales person , what type of fabric is it ?

What is the frame made of ?  what is the gauge of aluminium or steel. should be no less than 1.2mm

If its too lightweight it may blow away in a windy area.

Stay tuned for more tips in my next post.

if you have any questions please email me


 Rob Cousens