Optimum Radiant Heater

$399.00 $549.00

Gasmate Optimum 2400w Outdoor Electric Radiant Heater


 Product Description

The Gasmate Optimum 2400 watt Radiant Heater provide loads of comfortable radiant warmth and designer style so you can enjoy the outdoors all year around. Perfect for any alfresco and undercover outdoor area, this Gasmate outdoor electric heater is 2400 watts and will comfortably warm a medium space of 4.5 x 3.5m space at approximately 21-23 degrees.


Comfortable Heat and radiant warmth
Perfect for medium areas
Cost effective Heater
Efficient Outdoor Heating
Full warranty with Gasmate
Minimalist design with stylish anodised aluminium finish
Radiant heat with no glow
Fully adjustable and easy to install
Designed for outdoor use and heating
Silent and no maintenance required

Plug Straight in to a 10amp Power supply. No Electrician required.


Model: EH623/( EH623R Remore model)
Brand: Gasmate
Size: 1485 x 172 x 45
Max Output: 2400w
Fitted Power Plug: 10A
Power Cord Length: 1.5m
Override switch: Yes
IP Rating: IPX4
Heating Coverage: 4.5 x 3.5m at approx 21-23 degrees
Consumption: 2.4 Kw/h (approx.)
Consumption: 0.46c p/h (approx.)

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