Capri Bench

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Capri Bench 1200mm - Shorea Timber

Shorea wood offers affordability, beauty, and elegance to outdoor furniture even for those without a Teak budget. Shorea is a type of hardwood that is found primarily in the rain forest climes of Southeast Asia. This wood species is often compared to Teak for its strength and durability, as well as its beauty and elegance.

Today's homeowner is taking more time and care than ever before to ensure that their lawn and garden area is a sanctuary from the world. As such they are choosing richly appointed decorations, ornaments, and furnishings for their outdoor pleasure. Wood is great choice because it is elemental and doesn't take anything away from the experience of being outdoors. The problem is that not all woods are created equal and many woods are particularly fragile when placed in a hostile weather environment.

Outdoor furniture that is made with wood from the Shorea wood species will have a great amount of longevity. This particular wood is especially resilient against infestations from bugs as well as the elements of decay. During the first season, Shorea wood will hold the stain that you originally placed on it. Afterwards, it will take on a nice silver-gray tone. You can stave off this aged look for a while by using Teak oil on your Shorea outdoor furnishings at least once per season. The better care you take of your furnishings the longer they will maintain their youthful glow. That is perhaps one of the grandest things about Shorea.


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  • Solid mortice and tenon construction
  • Detailed rounded timber finishing Wide slats
  • 1200mm  Bench ( assembly required)
  • Warranty 2 years

The furniture has already been treated with a oil preservative, however you must after unpacking and assembly thoroughly wipe clean removing any dust particles and then lightly re oil the furniture and leave to dry. Annual oiling is recommended to ensure your products longevity.

Please note if Shorea Furniture is neglected with prolonged exposure to the elements without oiling the timber will discolor to a silvery grey. To restore the timber sanding and oiling will be required.

Note: Always tighten fittings every year to avoid damage to the furniture.

Warning - If you are placing this furniture on Light colour pavers be careful that leeching may stain the surface.

 Assembly required.

We recommend Osmo UV protection oil


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