Suhner Inox Kit - Stainless steel maintenance


Suhner Inox Kit - Stainless steel maintenance Pack

German Quality. 100 years experience in working with metals.

Our unique maintenance products for stainless steel are 100% organic environmentally friendly with no harm to nature.

The stainless steel treatment kit is your daily companion for maintenance of metallic surfaces. Removes surface rust or tea stains and protects the surface by preventing fresh corrosion.

Thanks to this " Suhner " stainless steel treatment maintenance is so easy without machines or chemicals.

All Products are NSF - certified and can therefore be used also in pharmaceutical and food industry.

Each kit consists of the deep cleaner SUN - CLEAN, the conditioner / protecting agent SUN- PROTECT plus a sponge and safety gloves.


Removes rust and contamination from stainless steel. Sun Clean is a special deep cleaner that removes oxides from stainless steel. it is a white viscous liquid with a pH value of 3 consisting of organic acids and surface active agents, without abrasive particles. it is suitable for intensive cleaning of contaminated surfaces like flash rust and other rusty areas also known as tea stains. it is not a pickling agent, for it does not attack the metal.

SUN- CLEAN cleans the following materials.Inox, aluminum,copper & steel?

?SUN- PROTECT? conditioner for daily use is a neutral mild cleaner. As well as its a cleaning action in removing the loosened oxides and contamination, this product will also leave a protective nanolayer to prevent fresh corrosion as much as possible. it is also suitable for everyday cleaning of lightly soiled surface. SUN- PROTECT should ideally be used to remove oxides and dirt released by prior usage of the SUN-CLEAN product. By generous use of the cleaner all the contamination will be washed away.


Not included in the kits but sold separately.

This metal polish was developed specifically for cleaning matt surfaces and is gentle on both the metal and the skin.SUN-POLISH brings back the lustre to the metal quickly and easily. Suitable for stainless steel,nickel,copper,bronze,chromium and aluminium.



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