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Teppanyaki BBQ Fire Pit 90cm Rust 4mm Spun Steel

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Quality Teppanyaki BBQ Firepits - Australian Made.  

Teppanyaki BBQ Fire Pit 90cm Rust 4mm Spun Steel

Add a Grill to the Pit

Add a Cover to your Pit to create a Table when not in use

Add a protective Soft Cover

Colour - Rust

Bring your outdoor area to life with a Teppanyaki fire pit. Our firepits are made from extra thick mild steel . Unlike other fire pits that don't generate the heat due to inferior steel or thin gauge fire pits. 

Embrace the traditional Teppan art of cooking meaning Iron plate and yaki meaning grilled. It follows the beliefs of cultural Japanese cuisine where the preparation of food is an art form and just important as the meal its self inviting guests to entertain the unique dining experience.

The thicker the wall the more radiant heat and for a longer period of time. So don't be fooled by cheaper options that don't provide the best experience for your entertaining area

Hand badged in Australia, this beautifully designed 4mm thick spun steel fire pit is constructed with longevity and style in mind. 

Built to last

Fire Bowl Maintenance:

Fire pits need to be cleaned regularly so that ash and moisture do not build up causing rust through, scoop out ash only when completely cold and dispose, Clean out bowl by hosing any excess ash through drain hole provided. 

Before first use heat up cooking surface and rub in cooking oil using rag or paper towel making sure to completely cover area evenly, you will also need to make sure that you scrape the surface clean of any flaking/scaling. Process takes approximately 15mins once plate is hot. Repeat Process if needed, it is normal for cooking surface to turn black this means it is seasoned and ready to use.

Maintaining Cook surface: After Every use of Teppanyaki model fire bowls, once Item is cold (normally the next day) you must scrape plate clean of all food, Clean with soapy water and steel wool, Wash surface down and apply cooking oil to avoid rust on Cooking surface.

Warranty Terms: 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects, does not cover misuse or Rust, we reserve the right to repair or replace faulty items, Goods must be returned to place of purchase at customer’s expense.

Warning: Use only quality firewood, no accelerants are to be used, this is a heating appliance and it is the responsibility of the owner of the appliance to take necessary precautions to avoid children of all sizes (big and Small) and animals coming into contact with it, it is not to be stood on or used for seating. Failure to adhere to these procedures may cause injury or death.

Pre heating: The cooking plate is very thick and requires time to preheat, you will need to allow approximately 1 hour before trying to cook but can take longer pending on size of fire. To test if plate is ready flick a small amount of water on it and if it sizzles your good to go. Pending on how hot you get the plate, Plate may rise or dip; this is normal and will sort itself out once it cools.

Most Important: Enjoy your purchase with family and friends, talk about the good times over a few drinks and some good food, laugh over a few drinks and some good food, laugh out loud and stare into the fire, this is what the product was built for.